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Donations (How to donate)

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Donations (How to donate) Empty Donations (How to donate)

Post by Pure Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:40 pm

Alright this is how to donate, we do not use buycraft since my paypal does not allow me to press "accept" on payments. This has set us back a little with getting the server out to public but we found a way around it and I am going to show you how to donate to keep the server alive.
(NOTE : We only accept payments via Paypal)

Alright once you have found the rank that you want to purchase you want to log into your Paypal.

Our packages are,
IronVIP- 10$
GoldVIP 25$
DiamondVIP 50$

If you would like to donate more please contact Pure or Pohmania also known as the server owners.

Once you have logged into your Paypal click on "send money".

Then there should be a box that says " To (email or mobile phone) "

In that box type, taylorpohpoh99@live.com

Once you have done that there should be a box under it named "Amount" in this box you will type how much the donation package is for example lets say I want to buy GoldVIP so I would type "25". Then next to it select your currency like USD, AUD, etc.

Under that it should ask you what you are sending money for. There should be 2 Boxes, the first on says "I'm paying for goods or services" then the second one should say " I'm sending money to family or friends " you need to select the second one by clicking the little circle on the left of it.

Then press continue and continue on through the process (Paypal should help you it is very easy).

Thanks for reading hope this helped you, and if you donate to the server thanks for keeping it alive.

Note : Donations are not used for personal use they are only used to make the server better, or fix it. No donation will ever be used for personal use and there are no refunds unless you have valid proof that you didn't get what you asked for (which you will). Remember every donation counts even the little one.

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